Oolong tea
The only Chinese chef to receive Michelin star and listed in World’s 50 Best Restaurants and World’s
André Chiang

Roasted Oolong Tea - 007 Obsidian Crush (C)

NT$1,000 / 10 bags NT$1,250
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Indicators of Tea Choosing
Oolong tea
Taiwan, Nantou
Roast Level
Heavy fermented
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
SGS Tea Safety Inspection

Rich with notes of brown sugar, banana, black berries, nutmeg, and toast, the tea leaves were roasted for a smoky fragrance that is warm, strong, velvety and mellow.

Renowned chef Andre Chiang went to the heart of Nantou’s tea plantation to collaborate with KALON TEA in developing teas that push beyond their limits. He personally selected the roasting parameters to create that distinct taste. He defines Obsidian Crush as a contemporary beverage with a luxurious fragrance.

Roasted with robust chargrill to showcase the best of Taiwan oolong’s “fruity and roasted” fragrance, the tea is based with a sweetness from roasted coffee. After more than 500 blind testing in duration of 6 years, the contemporary teat that is perfect with meal and deserts is born. It is the winner of World’s best Oolong Tea at 2019 TEA EPICURE competition - a producer-focused tea assessment platform of US tea suppliers, and the Golden Award at 2020 THE WORLD GREEN TEA CONTEST, the highest recognition from this prestigious event for teas from all over the world.

KALON TEA is a brand founded by a talented engineer Mr. Hsieh. As a lover of tea, the Shieh family moved to Nantou Lugu. Without prior experiences and resources, they explored and studied all the literatures on tea. Shieh looked into the making of tea from perspectives in plant physiology and food science, along with technologies in moisture testing, efficient temperature elevation, and vegetation preservation to unlock the flavors of the tea leaves.

With a Chinese name that means “miraculous achievements”, Andy’s calling in life seems closely linked to the art of making tea. At the age of 5, he learned how to make tea. At 13, he created his first tea. At 20, he published the results of his study at “Conference on Tea Science and Technology”. He is also a government certified tea maker for tea research and extension station and tea taster. His tea formulation had received Best Flavor by iTQi (International Tasting Institute) and Gold Prize by World Green Tea Competition, as well as being featured at RAW RESTAURANT, National Day Celebration Dinner at Hamburg, Germany, WYNN PALACE in Macau, and Musees et Centres d Art Contemporain a Paris. At age of 28, Shieh’s tea is still expanding.

Customer Reviews
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Customer Reviews 5
Maggie Su
Erica Chen
碳培烏龍,是好喝的茶,香氣夠。 問題是這耳掛包的設計非常的不好用,他的流速非常的慢,茶沖完已經整杯冷掉。而第一杯,因為水的流速太快,非常容易翻倒,所以第一個茶包被丟掉。可惜了最好好味道的茶。
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Serving Size 3.5g/bag *10
Ingredients Grounded with 100% original tea leaves.
Storage Method Avoid direct contact with sun light and humid area. Best savored quickly after unpacking.
Expiry Period 24 months
Expiry Date Marked on the package (year / month / day)
Manufacturer iDrip Co., Ltd