iDrip App

Through App can grasp iDrip coffee machine status information and barista coffee culture
diverse content while iDrip brewing coffee, App will automatically push the story of the coffee package, like a knowledgeable
coffee experts, user guide coffee tasting skills,
the coffee experience to the next level, fun.

Through iDrip App you can

Coffee brewing record
Every time when brewing coffee, will record data in the cloud,
you can record each time brewing through the App to find.
Made new brewing techniques
All brewing techniques are recorded in the clouds, when the coffee machine
have networking, the opportunity to make new
coffee from the clouds brewing techniques, allowing you to make coffee drink hands champion.
Fast Wi-Fi connection
You can complete the Wi-Fi networking settings via App
fast, so that the coffee machine approach continued to date.
Coffee obtain relevant knowledge
We will regularly update information about coffee, so you understand
in this platform outside the coffee products, but also added a cup of coffee while
coffee knowledge.
Buy coffee machines and coffee Championship
In the coffee shop has iDrip coffee machine with the latest
coffee pods, and you can also subscribe to them, continue to enjoy the championship
Coffee receiving push
Every time brewing, the coffee machine can record your coffee, while
push through phone functions, push the corresponding
coffee information.

Coffee maker Wi-Fi network settings

Through App you can more quickly set the coffee machine Wi-Fi, details .

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World champion taste immediately hand coffee, open world coffee taste buds.