Do pourover coffees really taste different when brewed by different baristas?
Yes, that's correct. Every barista brew the coffee based on the species of bean, baking status, prefered flavor, character, etc. A great barista would adjust the techniques for the slightest change.
And different techniques, such as the flow rate, temperature and spinning speed, may affect the "extraction rate of coffee". When controlling the extraction rate at different stages, a barista can create different flavors; therefore the techniques can significantly change the flavor of a cup of coffee.
You've mentioned that iDrip Smart Pourover Coffee Maker uses AIoT technology; what does that mean?
iDrip Smart Pourover Coffee Maker's world champion pourover techniques are saved in the cloud. By reading the barcodes on the iDrip special coffee packs, the coffee maker can replicate a cup of world champion coffee with its patented water injection head, precisedly controlled temperature and water flow, excellent timing and techniques, so you can enjoy high quality coffee like it's brewed by a world-class master.
How many world champions have you worked with? Will there be more?

We currently work with 10 champion baristas. We not only explain our philosophy to the world-champion baristas, but also discuss brewing techniques with them and restore their special techniques through the iDrip Smart Pourover Coffee Maker. iDrip team will continue to recruit the world's best baristas, to give you better life aesthetics and keep upgrading the tastes and flavors.

Moreover, when a new world-champion barista joins iDrip, the iDrip Smart Pourover Coffee Maker will automatically update the barista's techniques through internet, and bring the coffee of world-champion baristas to your home.

Champion baristas:
2018 World Barista Championship's (WBC) champion Agnieszka Rojewska (the first Polish champion), 2016 World Brewers Cup's (WBrC) champion Tetsu Kasuya, 2016 World Barista Championship's (WBC) champion Berg Wu and 2014 World Coffee Roasting Championship's (WCRC) champion Jacky Lai... and other 6 world champions.

Is it expensive to have world champions' coffee?
iDrip's philosophy is to make it easy to enjoy coffee from all over the world. Every iDrip exclusive coffee pack is NT$30~150, and a monthly subscription containing 25 world-champion and master coffee packs is NT$1,499, which means with less than NT$60 a cup of coffee you can replicate the champion baristas' techniques with iDrip Smart Pourover Coffee Maker. It's absolutely a great deal!
Does it take a long time to make a cup of world champion's coffee?
It only takes 1.5 to 3 minutes for iDrip Smart Pourover Coffee Maker to replicate the technique of a champion barista. Based on each barista's special brewing techniques, iDrip can precisely control the temperature and water flow with its patented water injection head to reproduce a cup of world-champion coffee and bring the best flavor to you.
After the group funding on Zeczec is finished, where can I buy the iDrip Smart Pourover Coffee Maker and the coffee packs?
In the future, you can purchase iDrip Smart Pourover Coffee Maker and its exclusive coffe packs from the iDrip App or iDrip website, and enjoy the ultimate exquisite coffee at any time.
Do you sell single coffee packs?
For now we have 5-pack, 10-pack and 25-pack sets of coffee packs to choose from. You're welcome to buy them from the Coffee Market in the app.
For other questions you maycontact us
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