iDrip intelligent hand punch Coffee

iDrip the master of the world coffee for many years trained essence, delicate red hand, the temperature of humanity, are favorites here.
The artificial hand punching | smart thermostat | App Cloud Smart | push coffee story
Color: Black
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Open world coffee taste buds

perfect to restore the world's first world champion was born of the wisdom of coffee

To drink a cup of stable quality specialty coffee? Does drinking coffee
world champion only buy air tickets to go abroad?
We hope that good things can be shared, with the championship masters of coffee can easily be enjoyed
we combine the coffee world champion, networking, fine craft, developed the world's first smartphone to make coffee machine
make specialty coffee can be extended to every corner of the world.

Things coffee
future has arrived

Cloud intelligent patented water injection head

Simulation of human spiral water path, precise temperature control, water flow rate can be recorded, the amount of water, flush frequency and time ... without water and other parameters, can reproduce the title of world coffee perfect way to let you drink like a guru in person brewed coffee flavor.

Phone smell of coffee

Through WiFi phone will be associated iDrip per cup brewing tell you the extraction of which is a move of flavor, so a cup of coffee is no longer just an action, but a connection with the community of knowledge.

Master craft boutique experience
hand in the future of technology evolution again

iDripXie Rongya

Combination of technology and fashion technology

Product Design authoritative international design awards Xierong Ya get 121 in cooperation with red dot, iF, IDEA, etc., simple fashion aesthetic appearance and process technology combine to create a unique smart coffee machine, lifestyle for us.

Fine craft structure

Precision machinery ⿒ round, ⼀ field actuators to interact with aesthetic precision gear wheel ⼯ Tuo ⾶ ultimate pursuit of the arts to create, in the quenching process chain ⼀ perfect cup of coffee while experiencing sight, taste and smell of premium coffee experience

Instant coffee taste
world champion

WBC World Champion Barista

In collaboration with dozens of world champion barista, by the way they brew coffee beans and coffee, specialty coffee output section 18 package. Classified into four grades, extreme / meta / ingenuity / Classic, you can find this best meets your coffee enjoyment.

World champion
taste and a touch can

Smart Coffee

Networking through patented water injection head and was transported to reproduce Use
world champion tactics coffee

World champion quality

iDrip cooperation with world champion barista
provide the best coffee beans, so that each cup of coffee is absolutely the first choice

Honor warranty

machine provides ⼀ year warranty with free maintenance service, the government will have to send and receive special Face Coffee also offers a new machine


  • Rated voltage and frequency

    110V AC 60Hz
  • Rated power

  • Water resistant tank capacity

  • Power outlet

  • Overall Size

    LWH 19 x 19 x 48 cm
  • Power cord length

  • Weight

  • Place of origin

  • Taiwan News RoHS mark