Activate the taste buds for world coffee

Welcome to iDrip's world of coffee. Here you can easily explore premium boutique pourover coffee from around the world. It is more than a cup of coffee; it is an excellent lifestyle and an extraordinary tasting experience. No matter it's gentle and mellow, bright and wild, or deep and mature, iDrip takes the strictest standard on each flavor, to ensure that everytime you push the start button there is an incomparable journey waiting for you.

Pefect replication of world champions' pourover coffee

iDrip cooperate with coffee champions of world-class contests and first-class coffee craftsmen, select and bake premium coffee beans for you, while the coffee masteres creat brewing techniques with their souls and years of experience. With iDrip's precise control of temperature, dripping route and water flow, the coffee tastes like it's brewed by the champions.

High quality lifestyle with innovative technology

iDrip launched a brand-new coffee subscription service, to provide delicacy and respect to your busy life. We deliver a different combination of coffee packs to your address every month, so you can easily enjoy coffee from different origins and of different flavors without going shopping. A variety of flavors will satisfy your taste buds and fulfill needs of different occasions. We also provide them in retail, so you may purchase specific coffee packs based on the demand and preference.

Preserve the freshest coffee flavors

We know how important the quality of coffee bean is to a good cup of coffee, so we manage the production process of iDrip coffee packs by ourselves, with the highest standards set by world champions and strict procedures, such as bean selection and grinding. To ensure the quality, we preserve the freshness of the coffee powder by nitrogen-filling packaging technology, and each coffee pack goes through 500 to 1000 times of brewing test and personally inspected by the champions before it's formally mass produced.

Exclusive patented technology

iDrip's patented water injection head can precisely replicate the temperature, water flow and dripping routes set by the champions and craftsmen, and by imitating human hands' dripping routes it ensures complete extraction of the coffee, creating perfect coffee powder wall in the end. The water injection head can even control each dripping circle's temperature and water flow, delicately replicate the champion techniques.