iDrip Smart Pour Over Coffee Maker Business Exclusive

Impeccable coffee experience
grasps the perfect moment of every cup of coffeeThe best presentation of quality of the brand or corporation

Treat your VIPs and partners to premium coffee. No matter whether it's for a business meeting or receiving important guests, let a perfect cup of pourover coffee complete a high quality moment, and display your extraordinary taste and excellent corporate culture in detail.

Selected boutique coffee

Each flavor was selected by strictest standards by coffee champions and craftsman, baked in love and packed in single nitrogen packages by iDrip to preseve the freshness. We provide up to 18 flavors so everyone can choose a cup of coffee to suit their personal taste.

Enterprise plans

Build a world-class coffee experience and supreme enjoyment for your employees and guests.
The coffee maker imitates pourover coffee craftmen, precisely controls the temperature, water flow and techniques. There are 18 choices of selected coffee beans, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee anywhere and feel like it's handmade by a world champion coffee master.
Offices | Reception Rooms | Hotels | Airlines | Restaurants | Exhibition Centers

Enterprise services

Personalized services / Installation, adjustment and on-site training / Operation and leasing contract / boutique coffee tasting events / Event coffee maker rental service