Agnieszka Rojewska

Agnieszka Rojewska

2018 World Barista Champion

The world of the all-round capable woman

The fate of The World Barista Champion competition of year 2018 stadium is more extraordinary than ever. Female baristas had always been the focus of the audience in the stadium in the past few years, and they had been repetitively raised up in the ranks in the world of coffee, yet for the first time a woman named Anieszka Rojewska from Poland had won the championship of year 2018. She had always mischievously called herself Aga, and it has also become a well-known title in public.

This Polish barista used simplistic and approachable service to bring the public back to the moments of their first time at the coffee shop, leaving a deep impression.

As a barista master, Aga is an “All-round” contestant. Her qualifications can be simply described as follows: In year 2011, Aga participated in Polish barista coffee making competition, Polish coffee latte competition and Polish coffee and spirits competition, and every year after that, Aga also attended every big and small competition. From year 2012 to 2016, Aga managed a coffee shop named Brisman together with her friend, and during this period, she gained the AST qualification (SCA certified examiner), took part in the local training course, with a consecutive 71-day opening training experience.

Although Poland is not one of the big well-known coffee consuming nations, Aga still put in a lot of effort into promoting local coffee culture. Because of her accomplishments, Aga’s homeland has gained a higher reputation in the realm of coffee, and everyone continuously asks for the well-known coffee shops in every big city during their travels to Poland, and her contributions to the connections to the coffee industry can be said as crucial. Of course, the iDrip team in the autumn season of 2017 had asked her without exemption to recommend a few coffee shops during their interview, and found that the local coffee shop standard in Warsaw is also very outstanding! The overall development gave way to a world champion, one that’s not with a virtual name.

Since 2017, Aga works as an independent and free coffee barista master outside, and apart from advancing all kinds of large and small trainings, she also put her heart into competing, first attended the New York coffee barista competition, then London coffee barista competition, Polish barista and spirits competition, and now this year’s world barista coffee competition. For Aga, competing is a best way of improving one’s techniques.

Year 2018 is Aga’s best year of all, as she first won the Coffee Master championship in the London coffee festival in spring time, followed by the championship in the Amsterdam world coffee barista competition at the start of summer.

Perhaps many people only know that Aga first obtained her championship scores from world latte competition, but the sacrifices and the efforts she had put in behind the stage for various competitions remained secret. No matter whether it’s the unbelievable set up on the World Barista Champion stage, the pounding thrills in each time-up at the end of the contest; the practices, followed by failures, then more practices behind the scenes, all had proven one thing: one minute of success on the stage, depended on ten years of effort and practice before.

As the first female barista champion, she carried with her many missions and expectations; at the same time, because of her unique barista identity, it is difficult for most people to get a chance to drink the coffee made from the coffee beans she had chosen.

This round iDrip especially went to the production region Aga had been to, reported the two types of coffee beans we had selected as ones for making coffee she had assigned, and also welcomed everyone to try for a taste.

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