Please refer to the following description teaching or download "iDrip smartphone red coffee machine instruction manual" to set your coffee maker. Download Manual

1Coffee machine for the first time teaching operation

Instructions for use:
  1. Plugged into the coffee machine to determine the connection pairing mode, flashing blue light body
  2. Download iDrip App carried coffee machine network settings
  3. Open the App enter [iDrip] device connection unit, click on the upper right corner of the new coffee machine +
  4. To connect the phone link coffee machine Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi password input
  5. Wait for the coffee machine connections, ranging from about a few minutes depending on the Internet connection environment time. (If you need to connect manually operated test please manual setting instructions )
  6. The connection is completed, begin to enjoy the charm of specialty coffee iDrip
  • * 0 to 25% out of the connection process, "iDrip Wants to Join Wi-Fi Network "idrip"?", Please click <Join>.
  • * 25 to 50% bounce "Connection Failed", click <connection again>.
  • * If three attempts failed, please connect again by the first step.

2Start the coffee maker Wi-Fi connection settings

Instructions for use:
  • Menu
  • Left
  • Brewing / OK
  • Right
  • Out
  1. Press [Left] or [Right] several times until APP setting function. Press OK to start the pairing mode APP
  2. Glazed flashing blue light
  3. Please download iDrip APP, APP and in accordance with the procedures set (If you can not get Wi-Fi connection through the APP pairing, longer be able to manually set the way )
iDrip App Download

3Use package lug

Instructions for use:
  1. 1.Tear

    Arrows indicate the direction of the bag along the tear truncated

  2. 2.Distraction

    At both sides of the tear in the outwardly opened pods

  3. 3.Opened the press

    The filter paper was pressed on both sides of the intermediate lugs pull the paper distraction

  4. 4.Put up

    The ear hook hanging in special racks, bar code facing the semicircular area

  5. 5.Brewing machine

    Press the brew button and wait for the completion of brewing coffee

4Coffee maker Wi-Fi connection manually setting mode

Instructions for use:
  • Menu
  • Left
  • Brewing / OK
  • Right
  • Out
  1. iDrip

    1. Upper right corner of the picture "!" Do not quite connect. You may enter pairing mode, setting iDrip APP using a WiFi connection, or by the steps of setting the machine.

  2. WiFi setting

    2. Click three times [Right] to set the WiFi function "3. WiFi setting".

  3. Press < or >
    to select SSID

    3. Press the OK button, click the [left] or [right] Select connection SSID.

  4. Select SSID

    4. Once selected, press the OK button.

  5. WiFi Password

    5. Enter the password: Press [Left] or [Right] selected figures confirm press the [OK button] to jump to the next, Ruoyu left to delete, press [Exit]. Leaving the press [Home].

  6. WiFi Connected
    Please Restart

    6. When finished, press [OK button] (5 seconds), the system writes the set and restart.

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