Scott Chen

Scott Chen

Mojo Coffee in Taichung

Implementing the concept of business management – Scott Chen

Scott (Chen Yujia), the owner of the Mojo Coffee in Taichung city, is a coffee player with a scientific experimental spirit. Before he stepped into the coffee industry, he only had a sketchy knowledge of coffee. The inspiration to his coffee journey was not inspired until he finished the study for the business management in New York, USA, and returned to Taiwan to work for the café at the department of English of Feng Chia University. With a degree in industrial engineering as well as proficiency in English, Scott decided to self-learn the origin of coffee from the west. Other than following the traditional way of learning from a master, he purchased the literatures, films and books in foreign languages, and learned the comprehensive coffee knowledge all by himself. In the year of working at the café of Feng Chia University, he has not only quickly accumulated the professional knowledge through reading, but also formed the fundamental beliefs and values for coffee for the time being. He even bought a machine to fry coffee beans himself.

The more he plays, the more amazing wonderland he experiences in a coffee world. Scott founded the "Mojo Coffee" in Taichung City. In reality, as he has engineering influence in his bones, Scott is dedicated to brew the best coffee all the time since he opens the café. "The less variables, the better you know how to make a good coffee.” Taking the thickness of the coffee powder as an example, if you fix all other variables, you’re able to brew a variety of coffee with various thickness of coffee powder while examining the coffee concentration and quality through the equipment and software. As a result, he invested heavily in many sophisticated equipment purchases.

However, for those regular customers who care about quality over quantity, Scott flies to Guatemala and Panama every year to test, select, and import green beans in person. He also invites the coffee estate owners to come visit Taiwan, not only to maintain the original high quality of coffee but also enhance the stickiness of regular customers by closely interacting with the coffee estate owners. Finding new business models through the event of finding new solutions to old problems has become the secret to many successful stories, it also attracts many startups to invest in shares. Even so, Scott would rather remain sole proprietorship business. He said, "in this way, I can manage to achieve the good quality I demand other than easily compromise by profit and loss.”

In fact, what Scott has been doing was nothing more than the most pragmatic thinking, "How can I solve the problems for customers in terms of product and service?"

Currently Scott owns three coffee shops and a teaching classroom in Taichung, "The Factory/Mojocoffee" is located on Jingcheng 6th Street, "Retro/Mojocoffee" on section 1, Wuquan W. Road, "Grit" on Wenxin Xiutai, and "Scott's Laboratory" which specializes in coffee training courses located on Jingcheng 3rd Street. One may wonder how Scott manages to develop the brand strategy in terms of expanding the coffee business as well as starting up the coffee training courses. Unexpectedly, Scott indicated, "I didn't expect anything to be done first. Instead, I found business opportunities when I ran into problems." Mojo is still a regional chain store, but expansion is not the main focus of the commercial strategy at this point. On the contrary, the focus is to reach a good coffee quality above the standard for the branch stores through conducting barista training in depth. As a result, he set up the “Scott’s Laboratory” for new open, aiming to provide an advanced learning environment for both in-house barista and the external coffee practitioners.

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