Dave Jameson

Dave Jameson

2016 United Kingdom Coffee in Good Spirits

An always passionate and optimistic barista

Everyone who works with Dave Jameson will tell you that he is one of the truest and most energetic coffee people they know. It is undeniable that he has had a huge impact on the industry for 12 years. He is currently the coffee product manager at Grumpy Mule. He has held various positions at Starbucks, Cale2U and UCC, from barista trainers to account managers. He even founded bean baking schools and training centers.

At Grumpy Mule, he is responsible for selecting and purchasing coffee, establishing and maintaining relationships with bean dealers, growers and producer groups. Grumpy Mule is an open high-end coffee brand that attracts high-end coffee shops and retail businesses that demand better coffee. Since Dave joined the team, Grumpy Mule has continued to produce new and delicious coffee, which is no surprise because they design delicious espresso formulas and even use coffee from Yunnan, China.

Everything I do helps to better understand coffee and help me develop the skills of my current job,” Dave said. “This is completely accidental for me – no master plan! "The key is to challenge or difficulty during this time as an opportunity to learn." The important thing is to be able to control the ongoing transactions and understand the rules of operational change, so that we can serve our customers more smoothly. "

Dave has also been involved in Coffee in Good Spirits for a long time. He says this type of contests can promote fine coffee to new audiences, indicating that mixing coffee with cocktail can change the value of coffee. Consumers are more likely to be convinced to accept higher coffee prices, and this brings momentum in supporting the coffee industry as well as moral justifiability (benefiting coffee producers). David won 2014 and 2016 UKCiGS contests and represented the UK in the World Championships. He won the sixth place in the World CiGS in 2016.

I am completely fascinated by coffee. Every time I think I have solved this problem, I would find more problems to be solved in other respects.”

I also love coffee people! Without exception, they are kind, fun, encouraging, willing to share, and helpful. I have been thinking about the nature of coffee. It is important to always remember that whether you are fortunate enough to hold an excellent job in a great industry.”

Want to know more? In addition to a cup of Dave’s choice for iDrip, you can also check out their website!