Drip coffee bag

How to use the iDrip drip coffee/tea bag?
  1. Tear open

    Tear open the corner of the bag along the direction of the ①arrow.
  2. Pull open

    Pull the bag along both sides ② of the opening. Make sure the bag is extended fully and torn until the marked position.
  3. Pull open, push, and press

    Pull open the hangers on both sides of the bag ③ and press the center ④ to extend the bag. Please do not tear the spot indicated.
  4. Place the bag on top

    Place the hangers ③ on the bag holder, make sure that the barcode on the bag faces the straight-line area of the semicircle, and place the cup under the bag.
  5. Start brewing

    Close the bag holder and press the Brew button to begin brewing coffee.
您可使用 iDrip咖啡機內建手法沖煮市售方形掛耳包。操作步驟如下:
  1. 找到掛耳包撕開線,打開掛耳包。
  2. 用手拉起掛耳包兩側紙板組,將耳掛紙板組張開。
  3. 將掛耳包放置咖啡機濾架上。
  4. 將咖啡濾架推回至咖啡機注水頭下方。
  5. 將杯子放置於咖啡機注水頭下方。
  6. 長按咖啡機上方快速沖煮5號鍵選擇掛耳包手法。
  7. 點擊「開始沖煮」,等待咖啡機沖煮完成即可享用咖啡。
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