Use iDrip App to Connect Wi-Fi

Use iDrip App to Connect Wi-Fi (Recommended)
App Pairing
  1. Download iDrip App
  2. Enter to「iDrip」and click「+」to add device.
  3. Click「▷」twice to "2.APP Pairing settings". Press「↲」to iDrip APP pairing mode.
  4. Coffee machine flashing blue light
  5. Make sure that phone is connected to Wi-Fi
    The iDrip coffee machine only supports on the Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz band and support WEP & WPA/WPA2 wireless security. (Do not support Wi-fi which need to verify in web browser.)
  6. App will start to connect with Wi-Fi. Make sure that the progress bar to 100% then turn the power off and on again.
Connect to Wi-Fi Manually Use your phone hotspot to connect Wi-Fi
Wifi Setting
  1. Click the top menu 「▷」three times, the screen displays "3.Wi-Fi Setting."
  2. Make sure that machine scan Wi-Fi completetly, and click [◃][▷] to select your Wi-Fi SSID and click [↲]. Wifi Password
  3. Click [◃][▷] to select your Wi-Fi password and click [↲] to enter the next password.
  4. Repeat the previous step, sequentially enter the full Wi-Fi passwords. After you enter the complete password, press and hold [↲] button for about 5 seconds until hearing the long beep.
  5. Confirm screen displays "WiFi Connected, Please Restart", turn the power off and on again to complete setting.

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